1) You have two cuts on your face, one right below your left eye (my left), and the other much lower on your face, but on the opposing side. They are a constant reminder that perfect things have imperfections (but I still find them beautiful).
2) When you smile, like, when you really, genuinely smile, I believe in God again.
3) We both have habits that the other can’t stand. If I can end mine for your sanity, you can do the same.
4) I simply cannot fathom how you lack the ability to see the beauty in yourself. You aren’t another star, darling, you are the entire fucking solar system.
5) I wish you were here right now. Wherever you are, I hope you are smiling.
6) Your mother loves you like you’re still a young child, cherish that. Hold on to what she gives to you, because I have never seen a mother cherish her son like your mother cherishes you.
7) When we first met, your hands shook. I want you to know, my hands still do.
8) I am so afraid that one day I will forget the sound of your voice, like I never knew it at all.
9) If you were a drug, I would inject you directly into my veins.
10) I do not know how I ever lived without you. I do not want to know how I ever will again.
11) I do not want you to ever go.
12) Do not continually change your mind, it is unhealthy for both you and me.
13) I am afraid that one day you will not want me anymore.
14) Stop saying “you have to, you have to, you have to”, if you want to be with me, you will, regardless of circumstances.
15) I may be younger, but I have seen more of this world than you have. I am scared to show you that evil does truly exist.
16) I have never been to Disney World simply because I do not believe in magic. I am glad you still do.
17) When I’m with you, I feel like I am falling. I know I will eventually hit the ground.
18) I have scars from a time where I did not love myself, but you have taught me that everything starts with self tolerance.
19) I want to kiss you, forever.

18 things I wish to tell you (and one for good luck)